SaddleBrooke author Stuart Watkins publishes book

Lupita Gamaz, artist, is pictured with Stuart Watkins, celebrating the publication.

Fire So Hot, Make You Scoot Way Back, was just published by SaddleBrooke author Stuart Watkins.

Stuart’s book has 42 pages filled with writes about love, veterans’ experiences, cowboy writes, writes for children, writes about homeless people, some funny twists and turns and some serious writes designed to make the reader pause and hopefully smile. Some local bookstores have the book available and it is also available on Amazon.

Stuart Watkins is the Vice President of the Arizona State Poetry Society, he has served as President of the Tucson Poetry Society and is a member of the SaddleBrooke Writer’s Club. His wife, Jeanete, and he are both retired teachers from Alaska and have lived in SaddleBrooke for  twenty-two years.