SaddleBrooke Adventure Club opens season with Go-Kart outing

These Saddlebrooke Adventure Club members had a wild ride on November 19!

These Saddlebrooke Adventure Club members had a wild ride on November 19!

Rodger Bivens

The first adventure of the season, Go Karting at Muscleman Honda Race Course, was held on Thursday, November 19; 13 club members participated, both gals and guys, and all participants completed the course in high spirits. Racing in two groups, club members zipped around the race track for two races. Each race was 12-15 minutes in duration and involved navigating several hairpin turns and s curves and then blasting down a long straightaway.

First time racers, as well as some more experienced, made the attempt and the pre-race briefing by the course instructor made sure everyone knew the safety procedures and felt comfortable in taking on the challenge. While it was quite windy on the track, the go karts are close to the ground and handle very well, although steering requires some muscle – no power steering here. The karts are also limited in their maximum speed, so technique and handling ability are just as important.

Every race was a spirited event in which racers displayed talented driving ability, great tenacity and nerves of steel. Although karts were sometimes nose to tail or side by side, drivers exercised care and there was only one DQ (we won’t mention the driver’s name but his initials are M.Z.) for driving on the dirt area by the side of the track. All in all, it was great fun and a successful adventure.

The Saddlebrooke Adventure Club has a number of other upcoming adventures planned to include paintballing, bowling, zipline/rope climbing, ski trip, sky diving/wind tunnel to name a few. If you would like to become a member of the club (dues are $10) please contact Len Kershaw at [email protected]