Resiliency at Mountain Vista K-8 School

Crystle Nehrmeyer, Superintendent

The second academic semester is off to a strong start at Mountain Vista K-8 School.

Students in Kindergarten through 8th grade continue to learn from home at this time. It is our goal to welcome students and staff back to campus when the pandemic is under control and it is safe for in-person learning. Until then, our teachers continue to deliver interactive and engaging lessons from our adopted curriculum and the Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards.

Each student enrolled at Mountain Vista K-8 School has been offered the use of a tablet for students in grades K-2 or a Chromebook for students in grades 3-8. By the end of February, students in need of consistent and reliable internet access will also have the opportunity to use an internet hotspot provided by the Oracle Schools Foundation.

We held our first virtual Spelling Bee on Jan. 29. We are proud to announce that the first place winner of the Spelling Bee is Meledy Moreno Abril, who also represented our school at the Pinal County Spelling Bee on Feb. 19, which was held online this school year.

Our students worked on their projects for the Mountain Vista Online Science Fair on Feb. 11 and 12. Students in 7th grade and 8th grade completed individual projects where students in younger grades completed projects either as a whole class, small group, or with a partner. The winning projects from our science fair will participate in the Southern Arizona Regional Science Fair (SARSEF) this spring.

Each Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evening we offer free online homework help and tutoring for our students. Connections Tutoring, now in its 20th year of supporting students at Mountain Vista K-8 School is a great employment opportunity for high school students with exceptional grades and an interest in helping others. The program also benefits our K-8 students, in need of additional support with their assignments.

The 2020-21 school year definitely looks different when compared to previous school years. But if you look closely, you will see that we are thinking creatively and doing our best to preserve our traditions during this challenging time. We continue to teach students, provide interventions, support families, and do what is best for kids. We cannot wait until the pandemic is under control and we can all return to campus, safely. Until then, we will continue to embrace our “Small Town Roots, Global Expectations” and be resilient, just like our amazing students.