Resident Author: Feline Authors Hit the Horse Trails and Share Their Happy Tales

Carly and Charly

As SaddleBrooke authors, we set out on an animal-on-animal adventure in our latest work, Let’s Go Horseback Riding. This sixth book in the series tells the story of how we found a stable and appropriate-size horses for cats. We are quite short, after all. After first exploring Clydesdales and Friesians, we quickly came to our senses.

Luckily, a local stable had all the gear and lessons required for the feline crowd. So, we waited patiently for Cat Day, and then we met our mounts. First, we brushed them and stoked them to build a bond, then it was into the saddle for these twin adventure cats. What a thrill!

We practiced with our reins and guided these beauties around the ring. The teachers were great, and we learned super-fast. Then it was out to the trails where we encountered all that nature has to offer in the way of birds, bunnies, and streams. As in our past exploits, we faced this outdoor adventure confidently and bravely, because we know we’re very capable and talented cats.

Join us on our trail ride where feline meets equine. Let’s Go Horseback Riding is now available online and in the SaddleBrooke gift shop, along with our first five books: How It All Began, Let’s Go Boating, Let’s Play Tennis, Let’s Play Pickleball, and Let’s Try Baking. Pick one up for your grandkids, or for yourself!

And, as a heads up, Let’s Play Soccer is slated for a mid-fall release. Stay tuned.