Republican Club features U.S. Border Patrol Agent Ben Braker

Patricia Tarner

U.S. Border Patrol Agent Ben Braker spoke to a full house of Republicans who listened in rapt attention as he shared information about the Arizona Border Patrol. Agent Braker stressed that the mission of the Border Patrol is to protect against terrorists and instruments of terror. It is the responsibility of the Border Patrol Agents to patrol the border and the area near the border in an effort to secure America’s border. Agents have apprehended individuals attempting to come across the border from as many as 144 countries. Agent Braker said that as many as 200 individuals have been apprehended at our Arizona border in one night alone! The record of apprehensions for one agent is 101 individuals.

The Border Patrol is part of the larger U.S. Department of Homeland Security originated in 2003 and presently being run by John Kelly. The Department of Homeland Security includes: 1. Customs and Border Protection which guards the front door of the country. 2. Border Patrol known as the backyard of the country. 3. Air and Marine Operations, the eyes in the sky.

Agent Braker shared the detection technologies used by Border Patrol Agents: drones, robotics, ground sensors, helicopters, radar and infra-red devices. The K-9 Department is instrumental in tracking humans as well as drugs. Check Point Operations are set up to catch those who make it through the lines of defense. These Check Points are located away from communities to avoid dangerous situations. EMTs set up blue light stations in the desert equipped with phones and maps to assist both immigrants and border patrol.

Agent Ben Braker is tasked with promoting community involvement giving speeches about the responsibilities of the Border Patrol to high schools and other community groups upon request. His mission is to increase community awareness about the contributions that the Border Patrol Agents make to the security and safety of our nation.