Questers Reminisce with Treasured Family Recipes

Sandi Newberry

The January meeting of the Catalina Timewalkers, a chapter of The Questersl, was held in the home of Marianne Lyons with Rose Meyer assisting.

Marianne and Rose presented the program and shared information on the significance of passed-down recipes and recipe collections along with historical cookbooks. Following that, each member shared some of their family traditions and favorite recipes. They also shared vintage family cookbooks, old recipe boxes, and recipes with personal notes written by their ancestors.

The meeting closed with refreshments and the tasting of Marianne’s delicious family recipes for blueberry-banana and pumpkin breads.They also sampled Rose’s Italian family recipes for delicious biscotti and pizzelle, a traditional waffle cookie. Also, Linda Holt shared her Norwegian family’s krumkake.

The Catalina Timewalkers welcome prospects and new members at any meeting. The purpose of The Questers is to stimulate the appreciation of antiques through study and to encourage the restoration and preservation of historic landmarks. The Catalina Timewalkers meet on the third Friday of the month from October through May. Contact Sandi Newberry at 520-818-0199 if interested in attending or in need of more information.