Publishing success comes to the SBR Writing Group

Jan Larkey

Three members of the SaddleBrooke Writing for Publication Group are now published authors: Nancy Ferris, Judy Smith and Diane Dweller.

Nancy Ferris, a member of the original writing group, is the author of The Long Haul by N. K. Ferris. The idea of writing this novel started when Nancy was with a group of friends back in Tennessee. As they discussed the six-year challenge their friend had in getting a divorce, several agreed, “Somebody should write a book about this.” So Nancy did. Her novel evolved over the next 15 months into a story of divorce and crime including truck stops, a Madam and the Memphis Mafia.

Nancy started her book having to learn not only how to use a computer but also how to develop characters, a plot and tell an interesting tale. The Long Haul is told via the activities of a clever newspaper character Nancy created. She is now working on her second novel.

Bible scholar and teacher Judy Smith is the author of two of the three books she plans in a series titled The Scarlet Thread. “My hope and goal is to make the Bible stories become alive with real characters with real flaws. Written for adult readers, especially those not familiar with the Bible’s stories of heroes and villains, the lessons these stories tell are revealed through Smith’s vivid descriptions of the settings, the challenges and the people themselves.

The first book in The Scarlet Thread series covers the period of time from Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden until the birth of Moses. The second book begins with Moses and concludes with Israel entering the Promised Land.

Judy is busy working on book three. Stand by for future notices as she continues to make these ancient stories come alive for today’s readers.

A finalist in the Tucson Festival of books competition, Diane Dwellers memoir Mom, Mania and Me reveals the lessons she learned in coping with her bipolar mother’s manic behavior. “Written like a novel, I share what worked and what didn’t in hopes of helping others in dysfunctional relationships.”

Nonfiction author Dweller needed to learn how to write this story in the narrative style. “Thank goodness for our writing critique group. We help each other with constructive comments on what is confusing or doesn’t work. Manuscript revisions abound after being critiqued. The suggestions from our colleagues are invaluable.”

Diane Dweller is a pseudonym used to protect the privacy of her family. To discover who she really is, come to Barnes & Noble at La Cholla and Ina on Saturday, June 24. Diane will be there between 1:00-3:00 to sign copies of her book.

Our authors’ books are available on Amazon: The Long Haul by N.K. Ferris, The Scarlet Thread, two volumes by Judy Smith, and Mom, Mania and Me by Diane Dweller. Please support these local authors by adding your comments on Amazon and Goodreads websites. Note: comments that indicate you know the authors will not be posted.

The SBR Writing for Publication Group, started four years ago, limits membership to eight. A new group: Writing for Fun and Family meets on the second and fourth Tuesday afternoons each month. Newcomers are welcome.