Pink Door Studio and Gallery show

Esther Rogoway

For the month of February, The Pink Door Studio and Gallery, at old Town Artisan, will be featuring two wonderful local artists, Harriet Hanson and Rose Collins.

They differ greatly in their work, Rose being a two dimensional artist creating her works of art on canvas using acrylic paints and Harriet, who works in clay, producing wonderful figures and horses from her imagination.

Rose has often said that her journey as an artist began with an enthusiasm for photography which stimulated a hunger to transform her visual perception to blossom over the past 12 years and seemed to change from one painting to the next, yet a thread of consistency has propelled her work into the realm of unique, absorbing and engaging.

Harriet began to focus on the creation of her own work when she moved to Tucson. Drawing and painting dominated her first years here, inspired by the flora, fauna and wildlife of the Southwest.

Two years ago she returned to working with ceramic clay, a medium she loved because of its immediacy and plasticity. The ceramic figures Harriet is creating now show the influence of Mexican, Buddhist, African and Native American cultures. Her ceramic figures capture the essence of the human form in a simplistic fashion.

Come meet these two artists at The Pink Door Studio and Gallery on Saturday, February 14 from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. A reception for the artists’ work will be hanging February 1 to 28.

Pink Door Gallery is located at 201 N. Court Avenue in Tucson; phone 520-444-6481. Join us on Facebook.