The Cholla Library at MountainView – a place to explore

Linda Ryan

After the MountainView Clubhouse renovation, the Cholla Library became a reality that provides a unique and very user friendly library. Unlike the other two SaddleBrooke libraries, the Cholla is open whenever the clubhouse is open which means you can take out books evenings and even on Sunday. Books are not cataloged nor do they need to be checked out. Instead you are encouraged to borrow items, read them and return them within a reasonable time period. Volunteer librarians are available part of the day Monday through Friday to assist patrons and to shelve books.

What’s on the Shelves?

Currently, we have fiction, nonfiction, classics, a paperback collection (fiction, romance) and large print books. Many of these books have been donated by SaddleBrooke residents but are also supplemented by purchases. Funds generated by the Friends of the SaddleBrooke Libraries and through book sales have been used to round out the collections.

We also have over 20 subscription magazines that cover a wide variety of interests. All of the current magazines are in plastic covers and may only be used in the clubhouse. The back issues can be taken home but should be returned to MountainView. In addition, we have a variety of magazine donations that you can take home and keep. Travel books that will enable you to plan a vacation are available as an exchange item.

A major goal is to continually revitalize the books on the shelves to maintain interest in borrowing and to provide you with current books. Many of our books were released earlier in the current year so that you can keep up with your favorite authors’ recent publications. Every three months we cull the stacks to remove books that have not been taken out for long periods of time. Although we carry frequently read fiction writers (Patterson, Evanovich, Leonard), we have found that lesser known titles have been successful.

How Are We Doing at the Cholla?

In one word, fabulous! We have placed approximately 1900 books on the shelves over the past year. This past month we had over 1000 books returned. This clearly indicates a high readership level. Of course, popular authors get the nod for frequently being taken out.

An Information Center

The Friends of SaddleBrooke Library (FSL) has membership information available: please pick up one of the membership forms and join. Events that the FSL are sponsoring will also be displayed. Help yourself to the bookmarks and the book request forms.

How Can You Help?

Your donations have helped keep all the SaddleBrooke Library shelves full. Your donations are accepted at all three libraries.

Stop by the Cholla Library on Saturday, January 24 during the Recreational and Activities Fair to learn more about the collections and services available at your libraries including the new Evolve reservation system. Volunteers from all three libraries will be present from 8:00 to 11:30 a.m. to answer your questions.