Pill Drop-Off Program

Peggy Ogier

In 2013 four SaddleBrooke gals realized there was a need to dispose of unused pills legally and locally. Esta Goldstein, Danna Koelling, Merna Oakley, and Peggy Ogier eventually convinced the county to do something about it. It’s been nearly 10 years that the service is here in SaddleBrooke. Twice a month you can drop off those unwanted pills at the Sheriff’s Substation office that is located in our minimart shopping area.

After 20 years in SaddleBrooke, one of the founders, Peggy Ogier, is leaving the “Pill Drop” team, her 20-year stint as Unit 46 Rep, and Senior Village. This caring lady and her husband Fred are off to Green Valley and will certainly be missed.

Hours to drop off pills are as follows:

Second Tuesday from noon to 2 p.m.

Fourth Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


Place pills in a sealed plastic bag (no bottles). Pills can be mixed and combined in a sealed bag. No liquids, syringes, creams, or sharps (needles), etc.

Current Volunteers:

Esta Goldstein, 520-825-1181

Trudy Hogan, 520-360-2225

Danna Koelling, 520-825-9678

Joyce Sutay, 520-488-0504

In Case You Didn’t Know …

The Correct Way to Dispose of Needles and Syringes:

Needles and syringes are hazardous medical waste and should be disposed of properly. To reduce the risk of needlestick injuries, the City of Tucson and Pima County are asking residents to dispose of needles and syringes in the following manner:

1. Place all needles and syringes in a secured, puncture-proof plastic container with a screw-on lid (for example, a rigid detergent, bleach, or fabric softener bottle).

2. Once filled to no more than two inches from the top, tightly secure the lid and reinforce with duct tape.

3. Place the container into your trash. Do not place this container in with your other recyclables.

4. Clearly label the container “Non-Recyclable” and dispose of it in your trash container