Picket Post Proceedings

Participants in Picket Post Posse photo: Standing: Kelly Wilson, Dianna Wilson, Kathy Bell, Steve Bell (no relation), Sharon Hughes, Terry Hughes, Kaori Hashimoto, Gary Spies, Louanne Meade, Elisabeth Wheeler; kneeling: Tom Conrad (Photo by Jeff Love)

Jeff Love

Picket Post is a pretty prominent point positioned west of the populace of Superior, Ariz. A pre-hike potty preceded the party proceeding around the port side of the Post. Plenty of prickly pear and pointy saguaros populated the desert landscape with the pretty pink peak of Picket Post in the background. At our halfway point, the party participated in a picnic at some pools and ponds among the pebbles of Telegraph Canyon.

Post-picnic, our parade of people passed through a wetland of grasses, perennials, and giant cottonwood and willow trees along Arnett Creek. This is perhaps one of the best riparian habitats in Southern Arizona. A plethora of huge boulders had fallen from the cliffs, presently presiding in precarious positions. We passed several palms and pondered if possibly their presence is from the nearby Boyce Thompson Arboretum. At points around the Post, our procession was passed by riders on ponies.

The day was picture perfect with no precipitation, only perspiration. Our official photographers, Kaori Hashimoto and Elisabeth Wheeler, produced plenty of photos of our posse and desert plants. Elisabeth also produced a video using the Relive program.

Post Picket Post, the party proceeded precisely 6.5 miles to the Silver King Smokehouse in Superior to partake in their prodigious provisions. At this popular pub, I procured plenty of pulled pork with a pickle and a pint. We were pretty pooped, phew!