Photographers learn to manipulate light

Frank Earnest

Light is an essential ingredient in the art of photography. Photographers can use natural light, and modify that light with tools called reflectors and diffusers. They may use room lights, photographic lights, flash lights or strobes to illuminate their subjects. In the end, the goal is to learn a variety of lighting techniques to create an appealing or creative image that perfectly exposes the subject.

Members of the SaddleBrooke Photography Club are beginning to meet once a month to learn about lighting techniques and tools, and to get some practical experience using modified light to enhance their photography skills. At the first meeting of this Lighting Special Interest Group, fourteen members photographed several still life subjects, bowls of fruit, using reflectors and diffusers to modify natural window light. The Lighting Special Interest Group is one of four different groups that meet monthly under the auspices of the SaddleBrooke Photography Club. The next meeting of the Lighting group will employ these same tools and fill flash for portraiture. If you are interested in the activities of the SaddleBrooke Photography Club, contact Barbara Wilder at
[email protected].