Pet Rescue thanks the community

Linda Morsani

The SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network was founded in 2007 to aid and place homeless pets, and the monthly pick up program of donated items started four years ago. Because of the generosity of the residents of SaddleBrooke, during this time, the Network has collected over 1,081 donations or over 4,130 items for pets. From a monetary standpoint, these donations have saved the rescue organizations and shelters we support close to $100,000. Every item that is donated by our pet loving residents, be it dog food, towels, leashes, collars, food bowls and pet beds to name a few, is extremely important to these organizations and greatly appreciated.

Volunteers make this all work. A wonderful couple in SaddleBrooke graciously donated space in their garage for volunteer drivers Karyle Steele, Romayne Trudo, Suzanne Bassett, Nancy Harrington, Rick Baumgartner and stand by drivers Carole Rossof and Beth Conquest to pick up the donated items, sort and distribute them to the appropriate rescue organization or shelter.

In addition to these pet item donations, the Network is also supported by SaddleBrooke residents by their participation in our fundraisers: Howl at the Moon, Fashion Show and Luncheon and the Cowboy Cookout for Critters. Funds from these events provide for the payment of vet bills, medical care and the costs of preparing pets for adoption.

From the bottom of our hearts and the hearts of all the homeless pets that have been helped and adopted, thank you.