Perfect Timing afterglow

Richard Martin and Gary Clark

Last year a few friends in SaddleBrooke discovered a delightful little community playhouse called the Roadrunner Theatre Company. After attending several hilarious plays at the Roadrunner, we decided to organize a “SaddleBrooke Only” performance for one of their upcoming plays.

The Roadrunner Theatre only has 72 seats, so it didn’t take us long to gather enough SaddleBrookers to buy out their recent performance of Perfect Timing by Kristi Kane. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this hilarious comedy as we laughed until tears rolled down our cheeks.

After the final curtain call, we joined with the cast for an on-the-stage wine afterglow. Everyone had a chance to thank each actor for a laughter filled afternoon. We were also delighted to hear the cast members tell us we were the best audience that they have ever performed for and that our boisterous laughter motivated them to give their best performance of Perfect Timing.

After the play, we headed to BJ’s Brewhouse and Restaurant for dinner where we continued our afterglow and recounted the many funny puns in the play.

If you have not seen a Roadrunner Theatre performance, we highly recommend you do so. We are sure you will be glad you did. Just Google Roadrunner Theatre Company to see their upcoming schedule.

We have also decided to start a SaddleBrooke Roadrunner Fan Club and may even schedule another “SaddleBrooke Only” performance in the fall. If you would like to become part of our fan club, just drop an email to Gary Clark at [email protected] or Richard Martin at [email protected].

There are no dues or secret handshakes involved with our fan club; however, having a good sense of humor is a prerequisite. We’ll just put you on our master email list and let you know the next time we are getting enough SaddleBrookers together to get group discount tickets for an upcoming Roadrunner Theatre performance.