Partners Western Dance Activities for the Summer

Dottie and Harry

Jane Gromelski

For you country western dancers who are here all summer, or in between travels, Dottie and Harry Adams are willing to lead reviews of Partner Pattern dances, June through August, on Tuesdays in the Mariposa Room from 6 to 8 p.m. The reviews will start the second Tuesday in June.

If you are interested, email me at [email protected], and I will pass the list of names and emails on to Dottie.

Partner Pattern dances are a fun addition to the two-step and waltz. Some are easy, while others more intricate, and all increase your dancing pleasure. There is no charge for the review. You don’t have to be a club member.

If you are new to Partner Pattern dance, I suggest you come to the review, work on two or three, and then leave before your brain overloads! Come the following week and work on the same dances. When you are comfortable, learn another dance. We all started this way!

If you need a slower approach, we will have beginner’s classes for Partner Pattern dances starting in October.

Looking ahead, our fall series of dance classes will start the second week of October. We have a change in the schedule. Mondays will be coached practice for class students. Tuesdays will be Partner Pattern classes, and Thursdays will be Texas two-step and waltz. The beginner classes are scheduled at 6 p.m. and intermediate classes at 7 p.m. We make our classes fun because we think dancing is fun! This is one of the few sports where you are encouraged to embrace your partner, and it is great exercise for your mind and your body. If you have never danced, the Texas two-step is the easiest dance to learn. It’s just four steps forward, repeat!

Partners Western Dance Club will try to have a DJ dance monthly and have Wild Ride, playing as a country band, perform monthly. We have a great group of country western dancers, and we are all anxious to get back on the dance floor. Come, grab your partner and your neighbors, and learn how to have a ground pounding, boot-stomping good time! Yeehaw!