Oracle Schools Foundation: Delivering for Students and Taxpayers

Linda Lyon, President, Oracle School District Governing Board

The Oracle School District Governing Board is very pleased to announce our $13.2M bond transaction successfully closed on June 17, 2020. Our staff can now begin paying for those items that you, the voters, approved.

First on the list is to pay off the district office building and existing bus loan, which will provide savings on interest expense. Next, we will order three new buses to continue to update our aging fleet, which prior to recent purchases had an average mileage of 300K. This should help with our bus maintenance and operational costs. We also will make payments to both BWS Architects and the H2 Group (project managers) for the great service they have already provided and will continue to provide for our district.

BWS continues to develop a master plan that will guide design and timelines for all projects. This master plan will ensure new additions or changes to the campus are designed in a way that maximize space utilization and increase synergy. Rest assured that your elected governing board is providing very careful oversight of the bond projects and purchases. We are incredibly grateful for the confidence you’ve placed in us and are intent on delivering for our students and our taxpayers.

We invite you to attend our board meetings, which are normally held the third Thursday of every month at 6 p.m. As we complete projects, we’ll have additional updates and even some events to include. Thank you to the voters.