Obedience classes offered at the dog park

Diane Aaron

If you are interested in Obedience Training for your dogs(s), the SaddleBrooke Dog Park offers classes in Riley’s Place for all SaddleBrooke residents. We offer beginning, intermediate and advanced classes. This spring/summer we will be offering agility. Jeremy Brown, owner of The Complete Canine, is the instructor. We have had over 32 SaddleBrooke Dogs receive their graduation diplomas and several dogs have gone on to complete their Therapy Dog designations.

“A trained dog is a happy dog,” said Kathleen Dunbar, president of the SaddleBrooke Dog Park, “and so
are their owners.”

For information about training classes and the SaddleBrooke Dog Park, go to their website www.Saddlebrookedogpark.com.

Classes are $160 for five-weeks and are conveniently located at the Dog Park in Riley’s Place, our Multipurpose, Senior Dog Park. And now, thanks to a joint venture with SaddleBrooke TWO and the dog park, we have a sidewalk leading off the ball park into the back gate which makes parking and entering the park safe and convenient.

The park is receiving a complete overhaul for our members; more coming next month!