It went right in the hole

Jim Donat
January 20 was a beautiful day and a great day to take a walk through the neighborhood. One of our visitors who hails from Australia took the opportunity to walk the MountainView neighborhood. As he rested his 92-year-old legs on the bench near the par 3, 13th hole of MountainView, he didn’t realize he would be in for a treat. About this same time, Steve Rose and Jon Fisher pulled up to the purple tee box. That day they were looking at the devilish blue pin that sits behind the huge bunker on the left side of the green. Steve had about 175 yards which he determined required a five iron. He knew he hit a good shot but from that vantage point, the huge bunker blocks your view of the green and neither Steve nor Jon saw how the shot ended up.
As they pulled up to the green, that’s when they met the sweet Aussie gentleman who gave them an account of what he saw. “Good shot, mate! It went right in the hole. I have never seen anything like that before.” Steve knew he was having a good day. On one of the more difficult holes on the course, the second hole, Steve eagled with a 160-yard shot into the green. Steve figured out how to get around the Poa on that green, just don’t putt. Great strategy. Congratulations, Steve! Great way to start 2019.