Nothing Fishy Here

Linda Lyon, President, SaddleBrooke Fly Fishers

We had no idea what was coming when we formed the SaddleBrooke Fly Fishers (SBFF) club in early 2020. We managed to have a couple of in-person meetings and one dinner party before the global pandemic brought almost everything to a screeching halt.

Fortunately, modern technology helped us stay in touch and continue to grow, but many of our members had not yet met each other. That began to change on April 25 when we held our first party in over a year, after members responded to a survey indicating immunization and the preference to gather.

The pizza party was held poolside at two of our members’ beautiful home, overlooking the mountains. The views were fabulous, and it was great being near water, even if it wasn’t moving.

Thirty members and their spouses enjoyed meeting and getting to know each other, sharing plans to travel, fishing stories, and, of course, talking about the “big one” that got away. It had been a long time in coming, and the smiles and vibrant discussions validated a great time was had by all.

The recent survey also indicated that the number one location members want to fish first is the White Mountains in Arizona. Work is underway to plan a trip to that area sometime this summer. We also plan to begin regular monthly meetings again as soon as possible.

The SBFF is 55 members strong, but we’d love for more fly fishing enthusiasts to join us. Experience is not required, only a desire to learn and have fun. Those interested can email us at [email protected] for more information.