It’s not too late – lessons just got started

Three of our ladies ready to greet and join you in a square

Three of our ladies ready to greet and join you in a square

Bob White

The square dance class of 2018 just got started. They met for the first time on Sunday, October 8 and are now moving on to Lesson Number 1 on Sunday, October 15. The well attended meeting on October 8 was a demonstration of just how easy and absolutely fun square dancing now is. This demonstration is known as the square dance club’s GUAW (Give Us A Whirl.) It shows how square dancing, even though it has been around for many years, it has modernized itself and moved from the barn to the ballroom. But it didn’t leave behind the special times that go with forming a square with seven others (total eight) and following calls accompanied with up-to-date songs, modern sound systems, casual clothes, and, of course, camaraderie and lots of fun and laughs.

Lesson Number One is free, Lesson Number Two is free and by then you will be well on your way and already familiar with 19 calls. After 14 lessons you will know all the calls identified as Main Stream. From Main Stream you will move right on to Plus dancing lessons for nine lessons. Then it is graduation time and time to join the world of square dancing confident that you can go to square dance halls, festivals and venues all around the United States and even overseas and on a cruise boat. Would you like to see these lessons? Go to the club’s website at These lessons are used by students throughout the world.

OK, so that is it for lessons. Let me just point out other fun that our club gets into. We will have a picnic/dance at Catalina State Park, a Halloween Party/dance at the Catalina Recreation Hall, dances at the Oracle Inn or the Cadillac Chaparral, a Christmas party in the HOA1 rec hall, plus a progressive dinner followed by a dance at the HOA1 tennis patio and oh yes, there may even be an ice cream social somewhere along the line. Wow! How to sign up? Give Don or Rebecca Williams an email at [email protected] or email Kay White at [email protected]—or hey, just show up at the MountainView Ballroom on a Sunday at 7:00 p.m. I should point out that our caller Larry Kraber is a SaddleBrooke resident who has been calling for more than 20 years right here in SaddleBrooke. HOA1, HOA2, Ranch and even guests are invited. See ya round the square.