No time left to decide…Fall Line Dance lessons with Rebecca

Level 1 Line Dancers are having a kickin’ great end to the summer lesson series. A happy fall is coming to the dance floor, along with cooler temps - soon?

Level 1 Line Dancers are having a kickin’ great end to the summer lesson series. A happy fall is coming to the dance floor, along with cooler temps – soon?

Dr. Mark Magdanz

Sign up now for fall lessons. Classes start the last week of September, but space is tight in Level 1 (Beginner). The 2017 fall class series runs about 10 weeks and into December. Classes run 90 minutes and are jam packed with fun, education, fitness and camaraderie. Class fees are very low.

Line dance classes and practices from Rebecca serve all dance skill levels in line dancing from the novice through the intermediate line dancer. Year-round classes are Monday mid-day Level 1 (Beginner) and immediately followed by Level 2 (Adv Beginner/Easy Intermediate), Tuesday AM Level 2 (Adv Beginner/Easy Intermediate), Thursday PM Level 3 (Intermediate) plus practices Thursday and Saturday PM. You may need to start on Wednesday afternoon at SaddleBrooke Ranch where Level 1 and 2 meet weekly.

Health and fitness wise: Line Dance is a form of interval training which has gotten continuous attention lately, and rightfully so. Research shows interval workouts are a more efficient way to perform cardio than steady-rate exercise. So, what exactly is interval training? In a nutshell for dancers, it is alternating periods of higher intensity work with periods of low intensity recovery. For example, after warming up for three to five minutes with moderate-paced dancing, you do a faster dance for three to four minutes and then slow your pace for a few minutes. Repeat this cycle for several songs/dances, and you’ve completed a pretty complete interval workout. The key to interval training is to continue to push the intensity of the work intervals over the course of several weeks. There are many plausible arguments for why one type of exercise is superior to another, but if you don’t participate, nothing works. So pick an exercise you enjoy doing consistently. Yes, you may churn off more calories per minute on a machine, but if every moment is torture, you won’t likely continue. The best exercise is the one you actually keep doing for weeks on into years. Rebecca’s classes start slowly and build your stamina back closer to what it should be.

Rebecca’s classes will give you the fundamentals of dance so you can enjoy years of dancing. It’s an activity that allows you to get exercise, improve your balance and coordination and enjoy new friends. Teaching and living in an adult community, Rebecca takes pride in facilitating and modifying dance components to accommodate each individual’s physical safety and comfort.

All classes for fall 2017 are accepting reservations (though a Level 1 wait list is active), so now it’s the last minute to place your name on one of the class lists for the fall and winter. Contact Rebecca Magdanz at [email protected] or phone 818-2656. Rebecca is a 13-year, full-time SaddleBrooke resident and teaches classes about 40 weeks of the year. Don’t see a time that fits your schedule? SaddleBrooke residents may also attend classes on Wednesday afternoons at the Ranch.