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Vicki Hanson, a frequent winner at the MountainView Bridge Club games

Vicki Hanson, a frequent winner at the MountainView Bridge Club games

Ann Kuperberg

The Bridge Club will be meeting at a different location on Friday, September 22, and Tuesday, September 26. Look for us at The Bridge Center of Greater Tucson, 16150 N. Oracle Road next to Claire’s Café. The games will start at 1:00 p.m. as usual.

The total eclipse of the sun was spectacular as were the August bridge games at MountainView clubhouse. We even had a special week of StaC games (Sectional tournament at Clubs) which meant members acquired extra master points.

Repeat winners for the month included Sheila and Jeffrey Lesser, Arlene and Jack Mayfield, Eric Vondereheid, Paul Shalita, Marian Rogge, Vicki Hanson, Kay and Darwin Afdahl, Dick Quigg and Ann Kuperberg. Others who won more than one game were Fay and Carl Kallina, Theodore Bayer and O Piplani, Dean Frost, Steve Maltzman and Donna DePesa, Midge Miller and Betty Edwards, Terry and Jim Coe, Cam Mette, Joy Rieckers and Bob Brussel.

Here’s more advice from experts:

Marty Bergen said, “Although it may be unfashionable, it really is okay to be pleasant to a partner with whom you also happen to live.”

Lynn Berg said in her essay, “Where did we go wrong? I got a heart lead and went down one. Everyone else got a diamond lead. That’s rotten luck.”

Karen Walker, in her column on bidding, said, “There are mistakes to avoid if you concentrate. One is ‘sloppy’ play due to lack of mental effort and failure to have a clear plan.”

We all get tired at times. I personally use the excuse, I have allergies or the sun is in my eyes. That works if my partner isn’t paying attention to my comments.

Bridge is a fun game and helps your cognitive skills, so come join us every Tuesday and Friday.