News from the SaddleBrooke Dog Park


Kathleen Dunbar, President

The SaddleBrooke Dog Park is a blessing for so many. I will be forever grateful for the original founders of the park, their foresight, their sweat, their labor.

Many of you may not know that it is the memberships, sponsors and donations that pay the bills for the park. We are grateful that Robson allocated the retention basin for the park, but they do not pay or take part in the upkeep. The park budget for maintenance alone is $18,000 a year. Membership for the park is $65 dollars a year. Many of our members are generous and contribute above that amount; however, it was decided by the Board to keep the dues low to make it affordable for all SaddleBrooke residents. With a membership of around 230 members, you can see why it is necessary to have sponsorships and do periodic fundraisers.

We also have an aging population of dogs in SaddleBrooke who when they were young, loved the park. Today those dogs still enjoy outings to “the park” with their owners, but don’t necessarily enjoy the younger dogs and all their energy. We have fenced in an area that we are hoping to designate as a park for our older canines in combination with an area for training. I see too many humans out for a walk with their dogs and the dogs are literally pulling them down the street. This is dangerous, and not pleasant for the dog or the walker. To be able to offer obedience classes at the park for all SaddleBrooke dogs and humans would be a great community asset.

While the fencing is up, we still need the funds for bringing in the water lines, a gazebo ($2,000), a picnic table (park quality which would be $600-$700) and artificial turf. Some trees would be nice for shade. This area is directly off the ball park and it desperately needs work to make it easier for people to enter.

Just as those had a vision over 13 years ago, we too have a vision of looking ahead for our senior companions, and senior humans who need help in training their dogs. If you have an interest in making this park a reality, please contact me. Perhaps you are looking for a way to memorialize a beloved dog or family member who loved dogs, the park would be most appreciative of your gift.

While not all dogs are candidates for dog parks, if you are interested in exploring the idea with your dog(s), we offer three host visits to the park to see how everyone does. For complete information on joining the park, go to our website

Unlike public parks, the SaddleBrooke dog park is private and open to residents of SaddleBrooke One and SaddleBrooke TWO. We have the most responsible owners in the world. As I have heard many say, “When I die, I want to come back as a SaddleBrooke dog.”