New Theater Club Coming to SaddleBrooke

Susan Kravitz and Anne Grant

Once Upon a Time Theater Club is excited to announce its official launch in the Winter/Spring season of 2023. Who are we? We are a theater cast who will entertain and uplift our audiences through storytelling, comedy, and music. Our nonrevenue performances will entertain for many different clubs and events in our SaddleBrooke community through a venue that is easily compared to a mobile, pop-up theater. Scripts will be inspired by classic fairytales and time-tested stories and include music and comedy sketches. Selected cast members will form a working team where the proven techniques of comedy, character development, and storytelling will be applied to the development of “fractured” fairytales and comedy sketches for performance.

We are seeking creative, imaginative, and fun-loving people who have thought about participating in a theater group here in SaddleBrooke and are looking for something lighthearted and nontraditional. Interested participants must also have the time and level of commitment to devote to the process of becoming a working, flexible theatrical team. In addition to cast members, we need support people interested in working on costumes, props, and publicity. We also need a musician to provide background music and accompaniment for singing parts.

If interested, please contact either one of the codirectors via email to express your interest in participating: Anne Grant, [email protected], or Susan Kravitz, [email protected].