New Fun Steps and Practice Make Good Friends

Bonnie Simpson, Sandy Gianotti, Debby Sullivan, and Mart Fischer (left to right) (Photo by Debby Sullivan)

Bonnie Simpson, Sandy Gianotti, Debby Sullivan, and Mart Fischer (left to right) (Photo by Debby Sullivan)

Sandy Gianotti

Step-lock-step, jazz box, shuffle, cross vine, rock recover, scissor step, rocking chair, sugar foot, serpentine, mambo and the list goes on. If you have never line danced (and like myself always wanted to) or have been for many years, SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club (SBLDC) provides the opportunity to dance as much as you like and make good friends.

The club has line dance opportunities for varying levels of skill so all have fun and can move at their own pace. Having never danced, I started in the novice classes. It has been nothing but fun while engaging my brain and body. The club leaders are truly well-organized, incredible and wonderful instructors. I have two left feet and the grace of a bull in a china shop and wasn’t sure I could make a go of it. After the first session I attended, I was hooked. Although my skill level was minimal, I never felt out of place or that I didn’t belong. All the members were also engaging and supportive. A lot of great people are involved!

My neighbor and I started to practice between club workshops. Shortly after that another member joined us for practice—and another—and another until we had a small group that now meets weekly. We are all learning together and helping each other out. Familiarity with the dances prior to the workshop helps our instructor (and club president) Anne Romeo as well.

Quotes from our practice group:

Marty Fisher, “Line dance has been a fun way to be active and meet new people. The instructors are wonderful and very patient with those of us that have two left feet.”

Bonnie Simpson, “I love the way line dance accommodates various music and dance genres like western and tango!”

Debby Sullivan, “It took a few sessions to stop my head from spinning. I never had a dance lesson so I was truly a novice last fall, but with practice and wonderful leaders, I have learned more than I ever imagined! SBLDC is so much fun with a truly dedicated board and membership. I love it!”

We are having so much fun!  Check out the SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club page at

Special Note: As you can imagine, we are very happy to be on the dance floor under our current safe and healthy conditions. We are all wearing face masks and keeping our social distance. This has translated into fewer and smaller group dance sessions. We look forward to the day we can again welcome new members—when we have more space and more time in which we can provide an appropriate level of instruction. In the interim, if you are interested in the SBLDC, check out our website at or contact Diana Carbone by email at [email protected].