Spotlight On Advertiser: “Blood Ivory”

Pam Gappa, Absolutely Art Gallery

Bruce Capra and his wife moved to SaddleBrooke from Colorado three years ago. Over the years he had the good fortune to do quite a bit of traveling. On a trip to Africa several years ago, he became fascinated with the elephants.

There are approximately 400,000 elephants in the world today. Southeast Africa, Kenya, and Somalia only have approximately 40,000 to 50,000 left in the wild. The African elephant is considered an endangered species and almost extinct due to continued poaching.

Bruce expressed his motivation with these words: “As an artist, I decided donating proceeds from the sale of my painting, memorializing the elephants’ struggle to survive, was a way I and 350 other like-minded people, those purchasing the paintings, could actually help stop the poaching of elephants.”

Here is your opportunity to own a beautiful painting, and help stop the slaughter of elephants. Each of these 350 special and limited edition paintings are of the original painting “Blood Ivory” by artist Bruce Capra. Fifty of the 350 are special edition giclee prints, hand embellished with acrylic paints, and these are signed and numbered (1 to 50) by the artist. The remaining 300 of the 350 limited edition giclee prints are signed and numbered (51 to 300) by the artist on the lower bottom face.

The painting and its 50 special & 300 limited edition giclees were created to help with the fight against the poaching of African elephants. When a “Blood Ivory” giclee is purchased, a $50 donation is sent to one of these two support organizations:

International Elephant Foundation

Featured Project: Preserving Africa’s Last Great Tuskers

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Achievements and Aspirational: Established in 1977, the charity is about protecting orphaned elephants. It works to prevent poaching and to safeguard the natural environment.

Bruce Capra created the painting and is promoting the sale of the 350 special and limited editions in cooperation with Pam Gappa the owner of Absolutely Art Gallery & Gifts in Catalina, AZ, where the 50 special & 300 limited editions can be seen and purchased.