Neither Rain, Nor Hail, Nor Sleet …

Richard Martin

On Feb. 24, 38 dancers from the SaddleBrooke Squares drove through snow, sleet, and rain en route to the Gaslight Music Hall (bet you have already put that night out of your mind). We had our tickets, and the blizzard was not going to keep us away from watching a Bernard Slade play called Same Time Next Year. (No, the play was not about COVID.)

We pre-planned a pre-show social hour, so we arrived as the Gaslight Theatre opened its doors at 5 p.m. and ordered our beverages of choice. (Planning ahead got us seats close together and near the stage. Even better, we got the group discount and saved $7 per person on our tickets.)

We pride ourselves on being one of the friendliest clubs in SaddleBrooke, and that was very evident as, with drinks in hand, our members wandered from table to table, mingling with their fellow square dancers, both current and former. (Even though medical issues occasionally force some of our dancers to hang up their square dance shoes, they can stay connected to our club by continuing as social members and attending our club’s social events.)

Those of us who ordered Grandma Tony’s delicious pizza returned to our tables to consume it before the start of the play. (Yes, it is actually called Grandma Tony’s.) The play, performed by the Oro Valley Theatre Company, had us both laughing and crying. As the curtain closed, we gave the thespians a well-deserved round of applause, and we headed back to SaddleBrooke. Fortunately, the snowplows had cleared SaddleBrooke Blvd., and we all made it home safely. (Maybe the snowplows are a bit of an exaggeration.)

While SaddleBrooke Squares is all about square dancing, our dancers often get together to enjoy outside social events, such as this wonderful play.

If you think our SaddleBrooke Squares club sounds like your cup of tea, it probably is, so look for our next semi-annual free introduction to square dancing coming your way in September.