MV Bridge Club has great plans for 2016

Terry Coe

2015 was a wonderful year for the club, filled with great games and good times. We averaged just over 12 tables with a high of 17.5—overflowing the Mariposa Room and forcing the director to borrow a chair from the library. Our low table count was eight, which is still 32 dedicated duplicate players and it was necessitated by a temporary room reassignment. In all it was a very good bridge year.

We plan to build on our strong membership and attendance record in 2016. We will continue to welcome new players, laugh at mistakes, encourage beginners and try our very hardest to best the experts and sharks (you know who you are) who dominate the winners’ ranks. During the year we adopted computer dealt hands, thereby enabling hand records and the opportunity for immediate gratification by putting detailed results online.

Many thanks to our outgoing club officers: Ron Morris, president; Carol Venetiou, vice-president; Sue Hagerty, partnerships. Continuing members are Trudie Penta, Parties; Ann Annis, secretary; Jim Young, treasurer; Steve Sahl, Communications; Stephanie Parks, Publicity (shared with yours truly) and Jo Ann Aiken, club manager. Our newly elected President Clarence (Cam) Mette is joined at the board table with new member Jean Reitan who will fill the partnership desk. Cam will continue the robust leadership tradition of the outgoing board while adding his own always innovative tweaks. We are looking forward to a bright year ahead.

The MountainView Duplicate Bridge Club plays Tuesdays and Fridays at 1:00 p.m. in the DesertView Mariposa Room. Table fees are $4. New players are always welcome. If you need a partner, call Jean Reitan at 520-445-8225 or email her at [email protected].