The MPMGA continues its rise in Pima Cup standings

Bob Edelblut

The last two Pima Cup tournaments have certainly brightened the outlook of the MPMGA. Strong performances in the March 23 tournament at SaddleBrooke Ranch Golf Club and the April 18 tournament at Ventana Canyon have moved the MPMGA team into second place in the overall standings. The last match of the season will be played at The Preserve Golf Club on May 4 and our likely opponent will be the leading team, La Paloma. Can you feel the temperature rising? We are only 2.5 points out of first!

On March 23, at The SaddleBrooke Ranch Golf Club, our team’s opponent was the team from SaddleBrooke HOA1. Yes, both teams were ready to play. Matt Kambic and Peter Backer were our A team, Tom Quinn and Ron Victor our B team and Bob Brussel and Dan Hoshino were our C team players. All of our players on this day were seasoned players in Pima Cup competition and that quality showed as they beat the HOA1 team by the score of 30.5 to 23.5. Our A and B teams won their matches by a total of 10 points and our C team earned 7.5 points even though they lost their match. Congratulations to all our players for finishing second overall on this day.

Ventana Canyon hosted the April 18 Pima Cup tournament and our opponent on that day was the team representing La Paloma. Yes, we won the match by a single point (27.5 to 26.5). Our A team of Bob Eder and Matt Kambic picked up 11 points in their victory and our C team of John Bidegain and Ron Pozzi contributed 9.5 points with their victory. Our B team, Jon Aronson and Tony Jewett, contributed 7 points to our winning total although they lost their match. Well done, gentlemen.

Since the season’s end is fast approaching it is only fitting that we thank again all those Men’s Club members who represented us in the various tournaments and a special thanks is owed Tom Fitzgerald for continuing to oversee our club’s participation in the Pima Cup. Thank you.