MPLN give match play a try

Flight l (left to right): 1st place, Diane Mazzarella (18.5); 2nd place, Caryl Dowell (17); 3rd place, (tie) Phyllis Cadden and Raye Cobb (16.5)

Eileen J. Snearly

For four weeks in March, the MountainView Preserve Lady Niners participated in a modified golf match play format. The approach was “modified” in that in order to finish with a postable score, players did not give putts or concede holes. The player with the lower net score than her opponent on a given hole earned one point for that hole. A tie score on a given hole earned each player one-half point.

Winners were determined by adding their points earned in the best three out of four weeks for a possible total of 27 points. The field of 24 was divided into two flights and the ladies posted an impressive accumulation of points.

Congratulations to all the golfers!