Moving into SaddleBrooke’s Preserve made lovely and easy

Donna Infald, Judy Rogoway, Bonnie Barazani, Sandy Lindquist

Donna Infald, Judy Rogoway, Bonnie Barazani, Sandy Lindquist

Sandy Lindquist

A new Preserve resident writes:

The end of the season is coming quickly. As a new resident, I have pondered often how lovely and easy it has been to adapt to my new environment. As I further reflected upon my good luck, I realized that there are three people here in the Preserve who have made our lives so easy to become part of the Preserve family. Those three are Bonnie Barazani, Donna Infald and Judy Rogoway.

Bonnie invited us to a newcomer party and we were able to meet and greet new residents like us, which helped us to feel so welcome. Bonnie also taught me Mahjongg and I have become part of a wonderful group. She has put forth so many hours of her time arranging Preserve parties for all of us. She has always been so pleasant and helpful to every newcomer in our community.

Donna and Judy, as well, worked hard putting together wonderful ladies luncheons for everyone in the Preserve. Donna does the negotiations with the restaurants for private rooms. Normally there would be a hefty fee required, but we have not had to pay thanks to those negotiations. Sometimes we’ve been able to get some wonderful tours as well. Judy does all the reservations and legwork. She makes sure we all receive our emails notifying us of the next luncheon. Their long hours and due diligence help make our lives enjoyable, fun and able to meet new friends.

So, Bonnie, Judy and Donna, all of us here in the Preserve wish to thank you and let you know how much you are appreciated. We are so grateful to the three of you. Thanks for being you!