MountainView Lady Putters Have a History of Giving

Left to right: Vice President Eileen Snearly, Principal Melissa Joliat, School Supplies Committee member Susan Bodine

Eileen J. Snearly

For many years, the MountainView Lady Putters (MVLP) have given supplies and money to support the Mammoth/San Manuel School District. Although this is not the only charity we support, the support of the schools is the only year-long commitment. Every Monday while putting, there is a box for money donations designated for the Mammoth/San Manuel schools.

Once a year, there has been an additional school fund drive where members are asked, if desired, to contribute $1 a week to this box. This type of contribution is very important. These monies are used to purchase supplies, such as colored paper, crayons, dry erasers, and dry erase markers. During COVID, the monies were kept until schools reopened and the needs were assessed.