Mars-Venus Tournament: The Planets Were Aligned

Men and women might be from different planets, but they came together recently for a fun, competitive two days of golf. The Mars-Venus Tournament combines players from the MountainView-Preserve Men’s Golf Association with players from the MountainView-Preserve Women’s Golf Association. Each foursome is made up of two men and two women competing against other mixed foursomes over two days.

The format for day one, Feb. 8, was played at the Preserve. The format was cha-cha-cha, which required each team to use one best net on six holes, two best nets on six holes, and three best nets on six holes.

Day two, Feb. 10, was played at MountainView. The format was shambles, a game in which each player hits a tee shot on every hole, one ball is selected, then all team members hit from that spot and play their own ball until holing out. The two best net scores among the four players were used as the team score for that hole.

The winning team, with a score of -38 to par: Dick Helms, Marylyn Brewer, Harry Clausen, and Anne Cole

Second place, with a score of -32: Bill Grow, Anne Colombo, Tom Quinn, and Connie Plapinger

Third place, at -27: Judy Grow, Gary Lange, Donna Roth Hillis, and George Kaplan

Eight other teams finished in the money, and a great time was had by all.

After the final round, the players gathered in the MountainView Ballroom for a nice luncheon, joined by the honorary guest sponsor, the Moore Advantage Team.

Congrats to the Mars-Venus winners and to all the participants who enjoyed a world of fun.