MountainView Bridge Club

Stephanie Parks

First I offer my heartfelt condolences to Bob Stotts. I was shocked and saddened when I heard that Mary, his wife of a lifetime, had died at the end of March. May the pain of grieving her loss be cushioned by the caring of good friends.

Our bridge contingency at the April Sectional made us proud. 394 players won 1771.22 silver points from .22 to 29.37 each, including 24 MountainView members, nine of whom earned more than seven points: Stephen Maltzman, 14.37; Donna DePesa, 11.73; the Mayfields, 11.5; Marie Heald, 11.44; Dick Quigg, 9.96; Stephen Pozer, 7.89; Marian Wilson, 7.85; Sarah Baumann, 7.43 and Bob Murray, 7.14. Congratulations to all.

Since we all got to the game of bridge in different ways and think about the game differently, I like to share the perspectives of others by telling various stories of their relationship with bridge. I would appreciate anyone who will to send me an email with their Story of Bridge to include. I will rewrite or edit what I receive as necessary, but will always submit the final version to its subject for approval. Stay tuned for John Wolfe’s Story; he still uses snail mail so I’m waiting for it.

Back to the clubhouse; we had eight games in April with between nine and 13 tables. The winning pairs in each flight are listed. I only list a pair once showing any multiple wins after their name.

A Flight: Betty Meyer/Bob Murray; John Wolfe/Ann Hinge; Betty Edwards/Midge Miller; Judy and Ron Mundt; Dean Frost/Vicki Hanson; Trudie Weber/Sue Hagerty; Arlene and John Mayfield (4); Roy Aiken/Darlene Barstad; Christopher Apitz/Ellen Dilbert; Karen Swanberg/Richard Scheilbelhut; Pamela Thaut/Steve Lang; Ed Anderson/Bob Stotts; JoAnn Aiken/Darlene Barstad

B Flight: Dean Frost/Sue Hagerty; Christopher Apitz/Ellen Dilbert; Vicki Hanson/Dean Frost; Jean and Michael Moir; Steve Sahl/Diana McGinn; Pamela Thaut/Barbara Dever; Michael Dech/Ann Grub; Eric Vonderheid/Bob Murray

C Flight: Pat Schifano/Bob Parker; James Young/Ann Annis(3); Linda Triboulet/Judy Sorrell; Michael Pickering/Carl Trevor; Sharon Wyle/Irma Franke; Robert Hoffman/George Scott; Sue and Philip Bush; Barbara and Edward Hoagland; Jean and Michael Moir; Carol and Demetre Venetiou

Well done!

The MountainView Duplicate Bridge Club holds two games a week, Tuesday and Friday, at 1:00 p.m. in the Mariposa Room at the DesertView Clubhouse. Full details about the club, finding partners and the results of games are available on our website: Welcome to MountainView Bridge Club.