David Garcia speaks to Democratic club

David Garcia

David Garcia

Anne Hammond

“Education is Arizona’s most important issue,” stated Dr. David Garcia, candidate for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction. He has served as a state Associate Superintendent, an education policy analyst and a consultant for the U.S. Department of Education. He is widely recognized as a national expert on education policy and research and is an Associate Professor of Educational Policy at Arizona State University.

He is a native Arizonan who served in the military before he attended college and graduate school. He began his address by discussing his background and his reasons for running for this important state office. He believes that excellent public education is crucial to Arizona’s future development. He is a strong advocate for this and has spent his career researching and then working with principals and teachers to design successful public schools.

Following his address, Dr. Garcia responded to many questions. For example, he was asked about the Common Core Standards. He responded that he is in favor of standards, but there needs to be quality assessment of these standards and the state needs to be in charge. He is in favor of a strong state agenda. He also responded to questions regarding teacher preparation and professional development, charter schools and home schooling, funding, regulations and accountability for public education and vouchers. He certainly left his audience with much to think about.

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