MountainView Bridge Club News

Ann Kuperberg

Summer has officially arrived.

Now we can go to the pool, eat at restaurants, go to the hairdresser, all with distancing and masks.

The good news is we don’t have to wear makeup or shave, because the masks cover our face.

We’ll continue to play casual games and play online with friends, take lessons, or go for master points at BridgeBaseOnline. The local bridge clubs have online games, too, with a fraction of the money going back to the club.

In a current “Bridge Bulletin,” Adam Parrish discussed the two club openings. He suggested that you not open two clubs with a two-suited hand. As an example, with AKQ983 in spades, void in hearts, AKQ873 in diamonds, three in clubs, open one spade. As he said, if you open that hand two clubs, you have difficulty re-bidding.

Robert Todd also made a recommendation about overcalls in that same bulletin. He said to overcall at the one level, you can have a five-card suit and as few as seven high card points. You should have honors in that suit, not garbage.

At the two-level, you should have a better hand.

Those of us who are obsessed with the game can always learn something each time we play.

Let’s hope the MountainView game will open soon.

Check for opening days and times.