MountainView Bridge Club

Terry Coe

Just a reminder that through the end of the year our fees are only $2, and new players are always welcome. In honor of players’ appreciation days, our focus is on two of our stellar players, Donna DePesa and Stephen Maltzman, partners at the bridge table and in life. They met at a SaddleBrooke bridge game when Steve was playing with Ed Helpert (one of his favorite partners) and was introduced to Donna. They made a bridge date and the rest is history.

Donna is originally from the Midwest. She raised three daughters and worked in real estate in Minneapolis for 25 years. After a busy and successful career she was ready to retire so she came to Tucson where the display of the Catalina Mountains along Saddlebrooke Boulevard convinced her that this was her new home. Her love of bridge led her to the perfect retirement occupation, teaching bridge on cruise ships. It was a combination of two loves, cruising and bridge, that has kept her busy for the last 12 years. Steve, of course, came along as icing on the cake a few years ago. Not only did he play bridge extremely well, he had also been involved with teaching bridge on the high seas. Together, they joined forces and have sailed into the sunset, or the sunrise, teaching as they go, on Crystal, Seabourne, Oceania and QM2 ever since.

Steve was born, raised and educated in New Jersey where he practiced dentistry until he sold his practice in 1998. He has always liked to try different things, which led him to become a licensed pilot with his own plane for a while. He was an avid poker player (did that pay for the plane?) until bridge entered his life, and as a younger man, he was very athletic and a champion swimmer. After he retired, since one of his two sons lived in Tucson with his wife and two children, Steve moved here in 2011 to be near his grandchildren. Being a devoted bridge player, it didn’t take Steve very long to become involved in Tucson’s various bridge clubs and make his mark. At an advanced lecture at the Tucson Sectional, Steve admitted to us that, in third seat after two passes, he may open one heart if he only has four hearts and five points! Ask him or Donna how that works! Both Donna and Steve are Life Masters. Donna has over 3500 Master points and Steve is approaching 6000 Master points. Besides bridge, they enjoy dining out with friends, movies, theater productions and entertaining friends and family. Come to the MountainView Bridge Club in the Mariposa Room at Desert View Theater building on Tuesdays and/or Fridays at 1:00 p.m., pay only $2 through the end of the year, and meet Donna and Steve in person. Details for all games can be found at