MountainView Bridge Club

Terry Coe

The club invites all SaddleBrooke bridge players to join us for a duplicate game. Give it a try—you’ll be surprised at how fun and challenging it is. We play Tuesday and Fridays afternoons in the Mariposa Room at DesertView and your first game is free! Call Sue Hagerty at 818-6702 if you need a partner. And if you have a partner, just come. You’ll be warmly welcomed.

Jim Young, our club treasurer, began playing Duplicate Bridge in July 2010. He took lessons from Barb Sullenger and Paul Shalito, both of whom are still helping new and not so new players improve their games. Jim, playing with another novice whom he met in Paul’s class, scored in his first club game winning a massive .31 Masterpoints. (For reference, the players that day included a few with more than 10,000 points.) The field is leveled in duplicate by measuring success in flights; newer players are awarded for doing well against other newer players as well as against more experienced ones. It’s so much fun as a ‘newbie’ to score well against a Life Master. It happens rarely, but still!

We had eight sessions in August averaging just over 11 tables. As always, free chocolates and friendships were offered.

Twenty-six partnerships won flights, with a few fine players represented several times. Special congratulations are due to Arlene Mayfied, Loretta Wood, Eric Vonderheid, Robert Brussell, Diane McGinn, Jo Ann Aiken, Joan Merrill and Jean Reitan who each won flights with different partners.

A Flights winners: Donna DePesa/Steve Maltzman (3), Arlene/John Mayfied (3), Adair Karlin/Joan Merrill, Kay/Darwin Afdahl, Loretta Wood/Joy Rieckers, Jo Ann Aiken/Darlene Barstad, Arlene Mayfield/Trudie Weber-Penta, Loretta Wood/Terry Coe and Joan Merrill/Diane McGinn

B Flight: Sara Baumann/Stephen Pozez, Karen Swanburg/Aaron Carnes, Robert Brussel/Blanche Waldstreicher (2), Clarence Mette/Clair Kretschann, Diane McGinn/Ann Kuperberg, Robert Brussell/Eric Vonderheid (2), Dean Frost/Vicki Hanson, JoAnn/Roy Aiken, Jim Young/Sonnie Davis, Al Spaet/Bob Saner, Tom Baker/Richard Quigg

C Flight: Sandy French/Jean Reitan, Bud Smith/Bob Saner, Ron Morris/Eric Vonderheid, Peter Godfrey/Jean Reitan, Jim Young/Sonnie Davis (2), Sue Bush/Joyce Hagin