Suzanne likes it!

Suzanne Reagan

Suzanne Reagan

Jim Ryan

You are invited to join Suzanne Reagan and the other dedicated SaddleBrooke Indoor Cyclists. Suzanne and her husband Ron have taken part in the volunteer led indoor cycling sessions for the past three years. It provides them an opportunity to exercise together and meet others who are interested in a good cardio workout. Maybe they’ll look to start cycling outside on a Suteki bike to really get their adrenaline pumping.

Suzanne said, “We enjoy not only a well-balanced exercise throughout the seasons in a comfortable environment, but also the leaders who provide varied routines geared for all participants. Additionally, the physical benefits promote feelings of mental wellbeing – and it’s fun!”

The SaddleBrooke Indoor Cyclists just started their fifth year of offering an excellent cardio exercise opportunity to all residents at no charge. The sessions are led by 10 knowledgeable and dedicated residents who take turns leading their fellow residents in a workout session that will leave you invigorated and glad you took part.

Each one of the volunteer leaders has his or her own special style and will guide you through the session. You will be totally in charge of how much effort you want to exert and for what length of time. You are in control to make the most of this free cardio exercise activity. The leader is there to offer suggestions but it is you who will determine your level of participation and exertion.

Every one of the five weekly free indoor cycling sessions is designed to accommodate the first timer as well as the very experienced cyclist.

Come give it a go. As Suzanne said, “Additionally—it’s fun!”

Interested? Contact Jim Ryan at [email protected] or call 520-825-1309.