MountainView Bridge Club

Ann Kuperberg

Alert: The MountainView Bridge Club games are now on Tuesday afternoons in the Catalina Room from 1 to 4 p.m. If you need a partner or further information, contact JoAnn Aiken at [email protected] or 520-256-2702. Our website is

In early January, members of the club participated in the Tucson Sectional. Among the top 25 players were Dick Quigg, Steve Maltzman, and Donna DePesa. Congratulations to them and all who came away with silver master points. There was also a Senior Olympics game at the end of January, and some of our players participated in that event as well.

Some of us play games in person, while others continue to play online. Whichever venue one chooses, the game stimulates those brain cells.

Marty Bergen gives advice every month in The Bridge Bulletin, and he recently discussed how to improve your bidding judgment. One example he gave was what to bid when you’re in third seat and others have passed. With a weak hand and long suit headed by honors, open 2 of that suit (preempt). Similarly, with 7 in a suit headed by honors and a singleton, open 4 (example, 4 spades). You should have honors in the suit you’re bidding.

Larry Cohen addressed interference after partner bids Stayman over your INT. He said, if you have stoppers in opponent’s suit, double for penalty. If you have the other major, bid it.

If partner transfers (Jacoby Transfer) and opponent doubles as lead-directing, you can pass, giving partner another chance to bid or accept the transfer with 3-card support at the 2-level. If you’re forced to bid at the 3-level, you should have 4-card support.

It’s a good idea to review systems with your partner before you play, so you’re both on the same page.

We hope to see more of you at the Tuesday afternoon game.