MountainView Bridge Club

Colorful flowers lift our spirits as we prepare to play in-person bridge.

Ann Kuperberg

The MountainView Bridge Club is now open.

Games are held every Tuesday at 1 p.m. in MountainView’s Catalina Room. Bring your own water and mask. For further information, contact club president JoAnn Aiken at 520-256-2702 or [email protected], or visit our website at

With summer flowers in bloom, we can enjoy the scenery as we drive to the game.

Some of us will continue to play online at virtual games, American Contract Bridge League pairs, and at other competitive venues, as well as casual games with friends.

When we want to read what experts say about bidding, defending, or playing a hand, we can refer to The Bridge Bulletin.

Mike Lawrence suggests, when opponents open two clubs, a strong bid, “you should try to find a bid. Please, however, check the vulnerability first.”

Karen Walker discussed transitioning your no trump range. In past years, players have used the 15 to 17 range. She said the popular choice now is a good 14 points to 17.

Your success with this range will depend on how you define good. A suggestion was to look for extra trick-taking power with a good five-card suit.

Ms. Walker said the same applies to a 2NT opener. “If you have a good 5 or 6-card suit with 19 hcps., open 2NT.”

Her final comment was, “No Trump opening bids offer so many advantages that you should be looking for excuses to make them, not avoid them.”

Bridge is a great thinking person’s game, always inspiring one to meet new challenges.