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Jasmine in bloom, an entry to spring

Jasmine in bloom, an entry to spring

Ann Kuperberg

Spring is in the air, which means our weather is warming up.

If we’re playing bridge online, the change will not affect us, except bring more heat into our homes and the view of flowering shrubs from our windows.

One of the fun aspects of playing online is meeting people from all over the world, especially playing Speedball or pairs games. Some players bid differently than we’re accustomed, and it makes the game more challenging. You don’t have much time to chat, though.

We can always learn something from the Bridge Bulletin, too.

Jerry Helms gave this advice when asked which conventions to play. 

“For those players ambitious to improve, I should proffer the following advice: study card valuation, develop your imagination, rely on your common sense, and adopt as FEW conventions as possible,” he said.

Karen Walker continues her comments on relearning bridge, especially reverses. There’s a difference between a reverse and strong jumpshift.

“The minimum for a reverse is around 17 high-card points (a bit less with distribution), but it could be much more,” Karen said. 

A reverse guarantees that the first suit is longer than your second suit. With equal length, open the higher-ranking suit.

“Your choice between a reverse and a jumpshift depends not on strength but on the ranks of your two suits. A jumpshift is used when your longer suit is higher in rank than your second suit,” Karen said.

If you make a mistake, you’ll find out soon enough with the score and you won’t make that mistake again.

Eventually, the Mountainview Bridge Club will meet at the MountainView Catalina Room. We’ll keep you posted on the opening date.