Calories Burned During Two Hours of Doubles Tennis

Dani Arbuckle; Abridged by Ron Bouchard

Doubles tennis is an enjoyable way to pass the afternoon with friends, but it’s also more than just a social activity. Doubles tennis is a great way to keep fit. In a two-hour session, you can expect to burn a significant number of calories. Exactly how many you burn will vary based on your weight and how hard you play.

The Average Person Playing Doubles

The average man will burn 712 calories.

The average woman will burn just 604 calories.

Varying Weights

Lighter individuals burn fewer calories and heavier individuals burn more calories when playing doubles tennis.

Individual Calculations

Doubles tennis has a metabolic equivalent task value of 5.0—meaning you burn five times as many calories playing doubles tennis as you do at rest.

Exercise Recommendations

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, doubles tennis is a form of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise. The CDC recommends getting at least two and a half hours of moderate-intensity exercise per week. If you already have a two-hour session under your belt for the week, try to squeeze in another 30 minutes. For example, the average man who burns 712 calories from two hours of doubles tennis could increase his calorie burn to 890 in two and half hours. Alternatively, you can add another moderate-intensity exercise like brisk walking. For instance, the average 166.2-pound woman will burn 106 calories in 30 minutes of brisk walking. This would add to the 604 calories she burned from tennis for a total of 710 calories burned. A single minute of vigorous-intensity exercise like running or playing singles tennis is equal to two minutes of moderate-intensity exercise.

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