Mike Williams records his first hole-in-one

Jim Donat

“He plays a game with which I am not familiar.” Those famous words can also be used to describe Mike Williams. To begin, he hits from the wrong side of the ball. Yes, he is a lefty. He is also a member of the Sensitivity Group that meets every Monday on the golf course for fellowship with their competitors. It is a healthy and enriching environment. It was during one of these sessions at the Preserve that Mike scored his first hole-in-one. On the fourth hole from the green tee box, Mike only needed a gap wedge to get to the red pin. Needless to say, Mike won the Closest to the Pin contest on that hole and the opportunity to provide necessary hydration for his fellow players at the 19th hole which on a Monday at the Preserve means the cooler in the pro shop. I don’t think anyone was complaining though. Congratulations Mike, an achievement worth celebrating.