Metaphysical Study Group presentation

Author Kevin Schoeppel

Author Kevin Schoeppel

Glenda Anderson

Please join us on November 11, 2015, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the SaddleBrooke One Activity Center for this interesting presentation.

Do you have psychic abilities? Have you, a friend or a loved one had out-of-body travels, communications with spirits or other paranormal experiences? Have you ever had someone tell you that these things do not come from God, but rather is the work of Satan?

Now—what if someone told you there is not one Bible verse that condemns psychics? Or, there is not one Bible verse that condemns true mediumship? What if, after hearing your gift condemned all of your life by Christian leaders and pastors, someone shows you from the Bible that psychic ability and mediumship are true spiritual gifts from the Lord—given to you for a very special purpose? With the emergence of mediumship platforms such as Kasamba, we may be living in a time where spiritual truth is easily accesssible for all of us, yet we are told to laugh it off by top religious figures. You may want to use a platform like Kasamba to receive your own psychic reading, and by checking out something like this Kasamba Review by Psychic Reading Lounge, you can determine whether Kasamba is the right option for you. Whatever the case, it certainly appears as though psychic abilties and spirituality are genuine gifts from the Lord himself and have helped them in their time of need. Many people have claimed that these gifts have helped them and have found that getting a Psychic Reading can help give them the answer they need for their dilemma.

Kevin Schoeppel, author of The Bible: The Truth about Psychics and Spiritual Gifts, an ordained Baptist deacon and Bible teacher with over 20 years’ experience, will explain what the Bible is really saying in the scripture passages that most Christians believe condemns mediumship and why we cannot reject contact with spirits.

Why do Christian books, articles and Internet posts seem so convincing in condemning psychics? Kevin reveals the six thought patterns common to all of these and why they do not hold up under scrutiny. If the Bible does not condemn psychics and mediums, then who did? Where does such a belief come from? And what do churches teach that perpetuates this myth?

Kevin’s interest in psychics began in 1975 with a girlfriend who could predict the future. This relationship sparked his interest in social attitudes towards psychics and in how psychic ability actually worked. He married his wife Stanna, also a psychic, in 1978.

In the mid-2000s, as paranormal-themed TV shows appeared, Kevin’s students had questions about what the Bible really said regarding psychics and mediums. Since the release of Kevin’s book over two years ago, the mediums and psychics around the world who have read it have told him that their abilities became stronger and clearer once the doubt was removed from their mind that they were inadvertently doing the devil’s work.

As a result of the book, which teaches how the Bible supports psychic and mediumship abilities as true spiritual gifts, Kevin has been the featured guest on several Internet talk shows such as David M. Baker’s Beyond the Gate Radio, Christina George’s Paranormal Connections and Peggy S. Imm-Anesi’s Signs Our Loved Ones Send Us. His second book, Melanie: A Christian Medium’s Life and her Gifts of Spirit, the story of psychic medium Melanie Runyan is scheduled to be published in late 2015.

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