Metaphysical Explorations Group Burning Bowl Service and Potluck

Sara Bourland

Rev. Suzanne Marlatt Stewart

As we begin our new year, I invite you to join others for a service designed to help us release the past and set intentions for our lives.

Releasing the old and inviting the new is the purpose of our traditional burning bowl service, which will be held on Saturday, Jan. 8, 2022, at the SaddleBrooke One Activity Center. We have an opportunity to decide what thoughts, ideas, and activities of the old year we would like to let go, and then we release them into the flames. Part of the process is forgiving yourself and others.

We will have the opportunity to set our intention and vision for the coming year by writing a letter, affirming those activities and dreams that lead each of us on our journey toward freedom, joy, and growth. Start your new year with renewed energy.

Potluck will follow:

A-G Please bring a dessert

H-N Please bring a salad

O-Z Please bring an entrée

The service is facilitated by Rev. Suzanne Marlatt Stewart, a speaker and author (currently writing monthly articles for the SaddleBrooke papers).