2021 SaddleBrooke Ryder Cup

SaddleBrooke One Ryder Cup Team

SaddleBrooke TWO Ryder Cup Team

Trudy Miller

Spurred on by the terrific American victory in the late September Ryder Cup, the 18-hole men’s leagues from SaddleBrooke One and SaddleBrooke TWO went head-to-head in the annual SaddleBrooke Ryder Cup challenge. The two-day event was held on Nov. 1 and Nov. 4. At the end of day one, played on the SaddleBrooke course, SaddleBrooke One players had a slim, 1-point lead, but on Thursday, the SaddleBrooke TWO golfers, playing at MountainView, flexed their muscles and ended up winning the event by a score of 17-1/2 to 14-1/2. Lunch and the cup were awarded at a luncheon in the Agave dining room.

Members of these teams were:

SaddleBrooke One: Mark Miller and Andy Timothy (co-captains), Tom Clairmont, Bob Eder, Terry Edwards, Mark Graham, Tom Herrmann, Bruce LeDuc, Dave Pfister, JR Salladay, Dave Schliepsiek, Lynn Strand, Tom Swikowski, Larry Tollman, Greg Verbus, Ron Walter, Marty Warner, and Randy Williams

SaddleBrooke TWO: Dennis Marchand (captain), Randy Breier, Ron Bouchard, John Brubaker, John Cahill, Kevin Conway (day two), Jim Donat, Grant Farquhar, David Hill, Doug Jones, Matt Kambic, Lee Leksell, Scott Lundgren, Dennis Marchand, Dan Nordhill, Steve Rose (day one), and Tony Van Natter

A special thank you to Jane Chanik and Matt Hudson, the golf pros at Saddlebrooke One and TWO, for their hard work in helping to organize this event, as well as the Food and Beverage staff of the Agave for an enjoyable, post-cup gathering.