Meet the ILR instructor, Dr. Lockwood Carlson

Ken Marich

One of the most popular instructors on the ILR faculty is Lockwood Carlson. He is a physicist and presents classes that challenge the mind. The good thing for Dr. Carlson’s students is there are no exams or grades; his courses are taken strictly for knowledge and pleasure. He earned a B.S. degree (1966) from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota, in physics and mathematics. He did graduate studies in physics at Princeton University and received his PhD (1971) from the University of Wyoming in theoretical physics. Dr. Carlson came to SaddleBrooke in 2007 and now shares his time equally between Stillwater, Minnesota, and SaddleBrooke each year.

His professional background is extensive in the fields of advanced materials, information technology, business development, technology R&D and strategic analysis of new technologies. Dr. Carlson holds 16 patents and has published numerous scientific papers. He has spent over 40 years with the 3M Company in positions from Senior Physicist to Corporate Scientist. He has just retired from 11 years teaching Management of Technology, a graduate program for industry and government professionals, at the University of Minnesota.

One of his biggest assets is his ability to take complex topics and present them in a way that ILR students can understand and enjoy this new knowledge. Take a brief look at the ILR courses Dr. Carlson has taught. Fundamentals of Modern Physics – A look at the laws of physics to explain various phenomena using intuition, analogy and diagrams rather than mathematical equations. From Einstein to Strings – A look at Einstein’s life and his contributions to modern concepts of physics and the universe. Nanotechnology – An overview of nano-science and its applications in computers, medicine, energy storage, security devices and consumer products. Dr. Carlson is currently teaching Cosmology – Physics in the Sky. Find out what’s out there, how it goes there, the big bang, stars and galaxies, gravity waves and black holes.

Dr. Carlson’s courses always fill early and the students are excited to attend. Here are a few of his students’ comments: “He is a fantastic teacher.” “I never thought I would enjoy physics so much.” “I would take any course that Dr. Carlson teaches.”

We are fortunate to have Dr. Lockwood Carlson on the ILR faculty and look forward to his continued educational contributions to the SaddleBrooke community. For more information on the Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR) go to