Meet the boys of Little Hooves & Big Hearts

Sue Robisch

If you have been following my articles you have already met the girls of Little Hooves and Big Hearts (September 2018 issue). It is only fair that you also meet the boys. There are nine boys and each has his place at LHBH as a specially-trained therapy horse. They are miniature horses whose job it is to make a difference in the life of a child or adult with special needs.

Moe and Joe, Bill and Bob, Merlin, Chico, Scout, Dash and Jasper. Each has his own personality and each has his positive traits as a therapy horse. Moe and Joe are a driving team. They are best friends and look very similar. They are both palomino in color so they make an attractive team. Moe is playful and prances when driving. Joe is hard-working, sweet and gentle with kids.

Bill and Bob are our second driving team. We added them to the program because they are a little larger than Moe and Joe. They are actually ponies and we need them because as our clients grow the horses are pulling more weight and need to be larger and stronger.

Merlin and Chico are two of our oldest minis. Merlin is 21 and Chico is 17. They are a handsome pair and often travel to the retirement homes together. Merlin came to us through Miraval. He worked there with disabled adults. He has lots of personality and big brown eyes. He’s a charmer. Chico is a gentleman. He is a retired show horse and is a favorite with our older clients.

Jasper, Dash and Scout are our youngsters. When with clients they are working. They know their job. But in their free time they play together and know how to have fun. That well-known phrase “boys will be boys” certainly applies to these three.

When they are “on the job” each knows just what is expected of him. Scout, who is a pretty little pinto horse, just 30-1/2 inches high, tends to choose one child quickly. Dash is very social and is usually first to go to the kids; Jasper, who when not on the job is all about play, settles down and becomes the dependable partner every child knows to expect.

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