Meet new friends – volunteer at Assistance League of Tucson


Kim Sparling

Come join us and have some fun with other like-minded volunteers while helping those in need in our community.

Who we are: Assistance League is an all-volunteer organization. Over 300 members donate more than 50,000 hours of service annually. Partnering with 16 local social service agencies and 33 schools, we serve more than 13,000 people in Tucson each year.

Our Mission: Volunteers working in the Tucson community to help those in need.

What our philanthropic programs accomplish: Help a child who is wearing her sister’s ragged hand-me-downs pick out brand new clothes so she can go to school (Operation School Bell®). Give a family a basket of basic household supplies so they can begin anew (Starting Over Supplies). Put a cuddly, child-safe teddy bear into the hands of a child devastated by abuse (Teddy Bear). Provide clothes a victim can wear home when the police keep theirs for evidence (Assault Survivor Kits®).

Our Thrift Shop: 62 percent of our funding comes from Thrift Shop sales. Do you have clean serviceable items you no longer need? Think of us and we will turn it into support for our programs.

Donations: What does the Arizona Charitable mean to you? The Arizona Tax Credit directly reduces the tax liability on the Arizona return, dollar for dollar based on your contribution—$800 for married filing jointly and $400 for all others. Assistance League of Tucson is a Qualifying Charitable Organization. We are also a 501(c)(3) organization qualifying for deductions on a federal return. Please contact your tax advisor to determine to what extent your donations are tax deductible on your return.

Come for a tour, volunteer and learn more about us. Assistance League of Tucson is located at 1307 N Alvernon Way, Contact us at 520-326-8452 or [email protected].